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Premium Black Satin Under-Cap with Tie Back

Premium Black Satin Under-Cap with Tie Back

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Our newest version of the best-selling satin lined under-caps! These under-caps provide more flexibility with the ability to tie back better than our original satin under-caps  

There are several reasons why Satin under caps are the best such as they reduce hair breakages and tangling. Here are 4 more reasons for why they are awesome!

1) Healthier Hair - Say no to split ends!
2) Frizz Control - Did you know satin is used to control hair frizz?
3) Moisture locking properties - Materials such as cotton are known to dry hair out. Satin keeps it nice and fresh!
4) Look Good! - Not only do these under caps make your hair look good they make you look good too. They look so lovely and awesome!

These satin-lined under-caps come with adjustable straps to adjust the fit of the under-cap.

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