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Instant Chiffon Hijab

Instant Chiffon Hijab

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Premium (super soft) chiffon Instant Hijabs with under cap attached. The under cap attached makes for an extremely seamless look, without the hassle of having to style or wear any additional accessories. Pair this hijab with a matching pin and you will be out the door in less than a minute!

As a Candian Muslim, it’s difficult to find unique hijabs and modest clothing without the crazy shipping costs. I personally understand that pressure as a hijabi, which is why we started Urban Muslim Link - to create a clothing line that is catered especially for Candian Muslim women.

At Urban Muslim Link, we thrive to make things easy for the everyday busy Muslim women while remaining stylish, effortlessly. Our products are affordable and made from premium quality materials.

Our hijabs are unique, practical, and easy to use. Extremely elegant and effortlessly sophisticated. Available in a variety of beautiful colours to match your wardrobe. Cut down your time getting ready in the morning with these hijabs.

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